An April Summary

Happy new month guys! Just like that, it's May. Is it just me or did April go by pretty quickly? So far in the year, I feel like April went by the quickest. Anyways, I have another summary post for y'all so let's get into it! 
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Funny Story
Well, this is more amusing than outright funny but I thought to share anyways. So, sometimes when I'm bored, I like to go online window shopping. Meaning I like to look at clothes that I know I can't afford and add them to my shopping cart for fun. Why do I do this? I have no idea but it's something I really enjoy. 
Anyways, the last time I did it, I was on The Outnet which is an online store that stocks designer clothing and accessories. I happily filled my cart with beautiful pieces, lots of silk skirts and satin evening dresses. I decided to click on the cart to see how much everything would be. It was more than £2000 pounds and the website was still asking for £2.50 for delivery. I mean, obviously if you're spending 2K on clothes then £2.50 is nothing but at the same time, if you're already spending that much why can't they deliver for free?  I don't know, every time I remember I just chuckle.

I spent a weekend in Nottingham with my friend Daniella and two of our other friends. We spent a lot of time dancing, catching up and just chilling in her room. And no, we didn't spend so much time indoors because we were broke LOL. I was also with her when I watched Beyonce's iconic performance that I already gushed about here.

The weekend was a lot of fun as we hadn't seen each other since September. We actually ended up getting into an argument with our two other friends. What can I say? Guys, please reply your Whatsapp texts on time.And never ever listen to a voice note without replying, it saves you a lot of drama LOL. We made up promptly though, we all love each other too much to stay mad for too long.

Lifestyle Changes
-Trying to use less plastic, this is still work in progress so I won't talk about it too much as I feel that would be a tad hypocritical. I'm trying to wean myself off plastic bottles of water which is what I'm used to and start drinking tap water. I've never liked the idea of drinking tap water, maybe it's the Nigerian in me. Nevertheless, I'm trying.

-Slowly getting back into working out multiple times weekly. Right now, I'm trying to stick to three times a week and it's been alright so far so good. Whenever I feel like slacking, I just think of Beyonce and I get motivated again.I'm telling you guys, it really works.

-I took a three-day break from Twitter last week and it was really good for me. I love Twitter but I realized I was using it too much and it was kind of stressing me out. So, I decided to take a break and it really helped. Now, I've decided to make Tuesdays social media free. Today's the first time I'm trying it out and it's been alright so far. There's a part of me that really wants to check my Twitter but I refuse to give in. I don't know if this will be a long-term thing but I'm happy to do it for the time being. 

Books and TV
Not much happening here. I finally finished the book I was reading and I'm now reading White Teeth by Zadie Smith and I like it so far. I'm only a few pages in though. 

As for TV, not a lot is happening either. Currently catching up on Season 4 of Jane The Virgin and I'm loving it as usual. Who's your favourite Jane The Virgin character? I honestly can't pick between Jane, Petra (yes, Petra) and Rogelio. 

I finally repurchased my rosehip oil from The Ordinary (read my review here). I also got their Niacinamide serum and the 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder. No comment on them yet as it's still early days. Fingers crossed that they work, I really dislike spending money on things that disappoint. Sure, The Ordinary is quite cheap but it still hurts! 

Umm, I think that's it, guys. I end almost all my post by saying 'that's it, guys.' I always say that I won't do it next time but here I am, doing it again. I just never know how to end posts haha. Anyways, thank you for reading everyone and I'll speak to you in my next one. Have a great month! x


  1. I cannot believe they would charge for delivery at prices like £2K!! That's so funny. I love Jane the Virgin too - Jane is my favourite, but I have warmed to Petra over the years!!

    Hannah | Suitcase and Sandals blog xx

    1. I know right?! I find it funny and ridiculous at the same time. Yesss, I've definitely warmed up to Petra over the years. Sure, she's problematic sometimes but I don't think she's a bad person. Thanks for stopping by Hannah! xx

  2. I absolutely LOVE Jane the Virgin - Rogelio is my favorite, hands down! Haha!

    -Emily | www.East91Blog.com

    1. Ha! Rogelio is actually so hilarious, just thinking about him makes me laugh. Thanks Emily :)

  3. Lmao @ the delivery cost. They're all jokers! As for giving up plastic, I can imagine how hard that would be with your Nigerian background lmao - we thrive on plastics! We keep plastic bags to use as bin liners, keep plastic tubs which once housed ice cream and whatnot for re-usage - good luck with that! Haha. I think I should do the whole day without social media thing too, because I heavily rely on it to escape - I wonder how productive that day would be for me. Hmm..always nice to see what you're up to and how life is going!

    1. I'm telling you, absolute jokers. OMG I know right? We lowkey use a lot of plastic in Nigeria. You should totally try a social media free day, sure you might have withdrawal symptoms like I did LMAO but I feel like it's really good! Thanks Amaka <3

  4. I'm certain it's the Nigerian in you. I'm even tired of the whole plastic thing, but what can we do?
    I also go online window shopping but I don't really put anything in my cart.

    1. Ha, it's probably the Nigerian in me LMAO. I like putting the things in my cart so I can see the total cost lol. Thanks for stopping by Favour <3

  5. I love online window shopping too!! Putting them in the cart definitely feels like I bought them =)

    Lesley Kim

    New post

    1. Loool same! Thanks for stopping by Lesley :)

  6. I can`t believe they had the nerve to ask 2.50£ for delivery:)). I am trying to stay away from bottled water as well. Can`t say I`m a big fan of tap water either, but I add lemons or other fruits, and it makes such a difference.

    Beauty Nerd

    1. I know right?! Like their customers aren't already spending all that money. Ooh that's actually a good idea, thank you Georgiana :)

  7. Ah I love this post! April FLEW BY, I can't believe it's May already.

    You should definitely buy a water filter, those ones in Argos aren't too pricey. The amount of times you use it works out cheaper than buying water bottles. I guess you've read my blog post about using less plastic ahha, but bottled water is just as bad as tap water!

    We should keep ourselves updated on our less plastic lifestyle and how its going haha.

    Also, I thought you were gonna say you clicked checkout and by accident you bought the £2,000 worth of clothes! But anyway that still made me laugh.

    Kara x

    1. Oh a water filter is actually a splendid idea, thank you Kara! I had no idea that bottled water is just as bad as tap water, thanks for the info. Oh I would love that, it's a great way to remain accountable. OMG, imagine if I had done that? It's not like I have that kind of money anyways haha. Thanks girl! xx

  8. I'm currently using twitter too damn much and should probably take a break too. Great post babe!

    Subomi|My Fashion Musings

    1. Haha I'm actually taking a week long break at the moment! Thanks Subomi <3

  9. This is such a lovely post and it's so great to see changes! I prefer bottled water to tap water, I think it's just the taste but try a water purifier which should help. You can also get a water bottle to infuse fruit in the water - this should be helpful as it'll make the water taste better and you'll get benefits from the fruits too!

    Layla x


  10. Online widow shopping is fun!
    OMG - £2000 would have been quite a pricey fashion haul - that's pretty funny about them still wanting £2.50 for delivery.
    You and Daniella both look fabulous in the photo above. I love the sign saying "Eat Sleep Shake Repeat"
    I also love and ship #Petramos in "Jane the Virgin" Season 4 (@YaelGrobglas as Petra+ @RosarioDawson as Jane Ramos). I liked @YaelGrobglas in Supergirl Season 3 too.



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