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I fell in love with blogs way before I became a blogger. I was 12 and it was so exciting to find this really cool online community. I've always loved reading blogs and over the years my tastes have definitely evolved. There was a time when I was all about reading how to dress like Zendaya's character on Disney's Shake It Up, those days are long gone haha. Nowadays, I pick my blogs based on how the person writes. I love pretty pictures and to-die-for outfits but I always want more than that. I like to know what other people are thinking. I like beautiful, authentic writing.

I feel like the word 'authentic' has become so overused in the blogging community (guilty as charged) but I digress. So yeah, authentic writing is what I'm all about and here are some bloggers who are totally killing it right now for me. This list was pretty difficult to come up with because I read a lot of awesome blogs and I can't possibly mention them all!

Sade writes the blog, In My Sunday Best and if you're a frequent reader of mine, you know that I love her and her blog completely. That's right, I used the L-word. She's actually been featured in my Blogger Spotlight series if you're interested in reading that.
I love Sade's blog because it's a perfect mix of the things I like. Witty and romantic writing, lots of vintage-y outfits and beautiful pictures. She's honest, she's raw and she's oh so nice. My friends and I have been reading her blog since like 2012/2013, not particularly sure. Her writing has continued to evolve over the years and I think she's absolutely brilliant!

I think I started reading Chloe's blog, The Little Plum late last year. Her writing style is so unique and I actually found her blog because someone else was raving about it on their blog. I'm always happy whenever I see that she has a new post up. I read it eagerly and most of the time, I don't even remember to pay attention to the pictures because I just want to read what she has to say. I really recommend checking her out, I particularly like this recent post on how there's too much advice on the internet.

I started reading Amaka's blog, Mind of Amaka last year as well. I really admire her sense of humour and her consistency is everything. And she always has really good flat lay pictures. She's another blogger whose posts I read as soon as I see them. Sometimes I even feel like I'm overeager lol. Right now, I'm really loving her weekly recaps of the new season of MTV Shuga, it's like talking about the show with a friend. Which is so key because I have no one to talk about the show with *side eyes friends* On a side note, MTV Shuga is a great show and you should check it out on Youtube!

Supal runs the blog Chevrons&Eclairs. Can I just start by saying that I love her website's template/layout. When I started reading her blog, I was drawn to it because of her outfit pictures. They're always so crisp, clear and beautiful. She also shares really cool recipes, in fact, I'm going to be trying out her galette recipe very soon.She also has very helpful posts on things like time management and productivity. This one is actually my favourite and I saved it on Bloglovin so I can always refer back to it. But most of all, I like reading her blog because she's always so nice and helpful. Always coming up with helpful suggestions for her readers and what not, what' not to love?


I started reading Little Henry Lee not too long ago but it's become a favourite of mine. I trust Jessica's opinion on anything skincare/make up related and I always refer to her posts. She's honest, she breaks down why she likes or dislikes a product and she's just very helpful in general. In addition to this, her product pictures are gorgeous. For all your skincare/makeup needs, I recommend her blog 100%.

Ufuoma has also been interviewed in my Blogger Spotlight series and you should check it out. She's a travel blogger and her blog is filled with pictures of dreamy destinations (including places you wouldn't really think to visit sometimes e.g. her latest trip to Bermuda) and practical advice to help you achieve your travel dreams. I think I fell in love with her blog after reading the posts on her visit to Cuba last summer.

Lastly, I have Kachee's blog; KacheeTee. I've always enjoyed Kachee's posts, it has a mix of everything which I really enjoy. I also love her ' A Day In The Work Life' series where we get to read about the work life of a particular woman. I've actually gained a lot of advice from reading the career posts. Her story-time posts are usually very interesting as well, like this one on what happened when she didn't eat rice for 46 days. Kachee's blog is a lot of fun and I never get bored.

Okay, guys, that's it. I read so many other awesome blogs and I actually felt guilty because I didn't include them on the list. I can't possibly list them all though! Maybe I'll do a part two sometime in future. Until then, check these guys out. You won't regret it! xx


  1. what a fascinating journey to blogging!

    Lesley Kim

  2. This is such a lovely little idea for a post - I'll definitely be checking out all of these different bloggers! Thanks for sharing!!

    Heather xoxo

  3. Aww, thanks so much for the mention! That’s really lovely of you and I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. :) I totally agree that I’m interested in a blog for the content and personality of the author as well as the way they write and, if they’re reviewing products, hopefully some useful information too. Blogging has come a really long way since the early days (I’ve been blogging in different ways for about 15 years) and the internet can feel crowded these days with people who’ll put up a post a day that’s 100 words long and (at least to me) doesn’t offer anything useful. But that’s never really been my style, and I’m glad to hear that you like authentic writing and that you’d put my blog in the category because that’s what I’m aiming for. :) I’m also definitely going to check out Ufuoma’s Cuba posts since I’m heading there soon and blogger guys are one of my fave ways to research a city before going.


    1. Aww no problem Jessica, your blog is awesome and totally deserves all the praise! The blogging world is very crowded nowadays which is why I always find it exciting to find blogs I can really connect with, like yours :)

      Hope you like what you see on Ufuoma's blog! xx

  4. What a lovely and positive post! I haven't come across any of these girls before so I'm excited to go along and check out their blogs, thanks!


    1. Aww thank you Shakira! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)

  5. Thanks so much for the mention, Demilade. I’m happy to hear that you like my blog and thanks for including me in this list of super awesome women. I already know Kachee but will be checking the others out. I’m already eager to read the one about how there’s so much advice on the internet, because I agree! Thanks Demmie! ❤️

    1. Yay, you're welcome Ufuoma! Trust me, it's such a good post. I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

  6. I love that you are sharing other blogs it is such a great concept !

  7. Awww I love seeing others who are killin' the blogging game and getting inspired by them! Thanks so much for sharing, girl!

    -Emily | www.East91Blog.com

    1. Same! It's always so great to see amazing bloggers, thanks for stopping by Emily :)

  8. I'm screaming! I can't believe I made it on such a list! Thank you thank you thank you! If only my blog wasn't down rn but i'm overjoyed! I love receiving your comments because you're legit one of my best readers and you're always so supportive omg! I hope I stay consistent! I also like your blog - I'm missing your posts!


    1. Hahaha Amaka o, awww you're welcome. Thank you girl! :)

  9. I was hoping I would find someone on your list that I’m familiar with so I can be like, “Yes. I like the blog too”. And sure thing, I know some blogs you mentioned too. I’m not so blog uninformed like I keep thinking thank God.

    Amaka is so consistent omg. And I love Ufuoma’s blog too. You mentioned Kachi right? Yea, love hers too. Quite informative most times and fun other times. Been religiously updating myself on her posts.


    1. Haha seems like you're not uninformed at all girl. I know right? Kachee's blog is like the perfect mix. Thanks for reading Oluchi :)

  10. WHOAAAAA!! thank you so much for the mention/shout out! So kind of you to include on a list of A-listers <3 Always here to help and listening to your tips and suggestions have been nothing but wonderful :)


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