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I've realized that I just cannot keep up with blogging twice a week right now so I've decided to post only once a week from now on. A new post will be up every Saturday until further notice.

So far, there have been three instalments of the Blogger Spotlight on here and all the guests have been fashion and lifestyle bloggers. I decided to switch things up a bit this time around and bring in a travel blogger! 
I discovered Ufuoma's blog through Kachee (another fantastic blogger that you should check out). Her blog is a mix of her travel adventures, beautiful pictures, travel advice and lifestyle bits & bobs. I really fell in love with her blog after reading her Cuba travel diary. Her writing is fun and engaging and her pictures are to die for, literally. I reached out to Ufuoma and asked if she would like to feature in the series and she agreed. Here are her answers to my questions, I hope you enjoy. And as always, if you don't check out her blog after reading this, I am so judging you. 
-When did you fall in love with travelling?
I had been travelling for a while and it was mostly leisure travel but it wasnt until I experienced Peru three years ago that I got really bit by the travel bug. The experience was not only life-changing, it was empowering, and after that experience, I made a secret promise to myself to seek a life filled with new adventures and experiences.

-What inspired you to start a travel blog?
After a great 2015 of travelling and sharing my experiences on social media, I saw a huge interest in my adventures. People started to email me and send messages asking for tips and travel advice. I was sceptical to put my self out there in that way, but I thought to go for it because I knew I will be making a difference and inspiring a new generation of travellers, especially black travellers. I knew my opinion mattered and I thought to give it a shot. Also, I have always loved writing and thought it’ll be good practice for me. It just felt like a great move and in 2016 I officially started. No regrets so far.
-What's the most important lesson blogging has taught you?
Blogging has thought me so much but one thing stands out; always be your authentic self and you will attract the right audience. You need a tribe, but you do not need everyone. It’s better to have a few passionate people who actually care about what you have to say, than a thousand passive followers. Find yourself a tribe that care, and flourish.

-Your most memorable experience since you started blogging?
Honestly, blogging is valuable when you get feedback on the impact that you make. My most memorable and precious memory was when I got an email sometime in September 2017. It was from a woman who lived in Bangladesh and was facing pressure from her parents to get married. She mentioned that because of me and my travels, she is able to follow her dreams, and find the strength to say no to her parents. I was happy to know that I had inspired and maybe, changed someone’s life just by sharing my story.

-Have you ever received negative comments? How did you handle them?
Thankfully, I rarely receive any negative comments. However, I had someone tell me that instead of travelling, I should invest my money in properties. I ignored it. I think as a blogger, you quickly learn how to pick your battles wisely.
-For people interested in travelling, what are your top three tips?
- Have a travel goal/plan and be specific about it.
- Open a travel fund/bank account dedicated to saving for your travels.
- Plan in advance to save money and take advantage of travel deals.

-How do you balance travelling and blogging with a full-time job?
I am not sure I have to “balance” anything. Traveling, blogging, and a full-time job has become a part of my lifestyle. I genuinely enjoy all aspects of my life as they all keep me grounded. I have a schedule that works for me, and I try to keep to it as much as I can.

-How are you able to afford your travels?
Thankfully, I have a full-time job that helps me finance my travels. But more importantly, I prioritize travel and will cut down on other expenses if I have to. I look out for travel deals, and I am always open to adventures that are not necessarily on my bucket list. If there’s a deal, I’m going there.
-What's your favourite way to unwind?
A night spent indoors watching my favourite TV show and sipping on wine.

-What're you reading or watching at the moment?
I am currently reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a great book for creative, or anyone for that matter. I highly recommend.

-What are you looking to accomplish in 2018?
I want 2018 to be the year when I finally achieve multiple income streams. I also want to grow my blog and brand this year.

-Three books everyone should read?
7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey
You are a badass by Jen Sincero
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

-Any last words of advice for 2018?
This year, challenge yourself and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Today is the last day you’ll ever be this young.

So there you have it guys. I hope you enjoyed reading her answers and hopefully learned a thing or two. You should definitely check out her blog and her social media channels. Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you guys next week. xx

Ufuoma's Blog: theufuoma.com
Ufuoma's Instagram: @theufuoma
Ufuoma's Twitter: @theufuoma


  1. Ufuoma totally inspires me. I really enjoyed reading this.

    1. She inspires me as well! Glad you enjoyed and thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Love all of her answers, I will definitely go check out her blog!


    1. Yay, I hope you love what you see on her blog! xx

  3. What a lovely spotlight. I don't know her blog so thanks for the intro. /Madison

  4. I like the question about balance and I can totally relate to it! Friends often ask how I find the time to keep up with blogging whilst also being a student who participates in extra-curricula. I think everybody has time, as long as they care enough about it to make time for it. The same friends who ask me those questions sometimes tell me about how bored they are and don't know what to do with their time. Blogging has definitely become a part of my lifestyle, and I can't imagine what my life would be like without it! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. You're totally right! When something is dear to you, it becomes a part of your lifestyle. I suppose it can get tricky from time to time but it can be done. Thank you Audrey :)

  5. I totally love her blog. She inspires me a lot. Great interview....xxx


  6. I discovered Ufuoma sometime last year, and I totally love her blog.

  7. She's very inspiring. Can't imagine how much she has learnt from seeing the world!


    1. I know right? I'm sure she's learned so much! Thanks Ada :)

  8. The part about the email from the Bangladeshi woman was really inspiring.
    You know, we never really know how much our content actually affects people until we get feedback like this. Ufuoma seems like such a sweet person. I'll definitely check out her blog.
    Lovely interview and thumbs up, the questions were great!

    1. I know right? You never really know how a blog post can help someone else out there, I like to keep that in mind. Hope you like what you see, thank you love :)

  9. Such a great post!Lovely photos:-)


  10. Beautiful photos! Great post!


  11. I enjoyed reading this! Love the questions asked and love how nicely she answered them. Looking forward to reading more from this blog series.



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