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I apologize for being MIA for the past week or so, it was due to some unexpected events in my life. So, I've been living in Manchester for a little over two years now and in that time I've explored the city and discovered numerous places alone and also with my friends. I really like Manchester as it's very diverse in all aspects. From the people to the fashion, it's a very diverse place and you never feel alone. 

I decided to do a two-part guide to Manchester based on my experiences. Everything is affordable as I'm a student and it's not like I have a lot of money to be throwing around haha. I hope this guide is useful to anyone interested in visiting Manchester, the second part will be on places to visit and what not. 

To Eat
Ah, food. Obviously, we all love to eat and try different restaurants especially when we're visiting a new place. Well, I do. Manchester has a lot of variety when it comes to food and you can pretty much find most cuisines easily. I cannot possibly mention every single place that I've ever tried but I will list some places that I highly recommend.
Fun Fact: We got this meal for FREE thanks to Maram's magic abilities.

Bella Italia. IMO, the spaghetti didn't have enough seasoning but I guess that's
just the Nigerian in me haha. The pizza was so good, I was pleasantly surprised
as it didn't look  really appetizing when the waiter brought it.
The Curry Mile/Wilmslow Road/Rusholme
A visit to Manchester isn't complete without you going to The Curry Mile. Basically, The Curry Mile is a road that is filled with various restaurants, most of them Asian. It got its name due to the popularity of curry houses that were located there in the 90's. Nowadays, it's a mix of different South Asian, Middle Eastern and East African restaurants. The prices differ from place to place which is what I like about it. Some places are quite pricey and some are quite affordable.

My favourite places to eat on the Curry Mile are Jaffa and Sadaf, they're both Middle Eastern restaurants. The food is really good and you get a lot for a great price. At Sadaf, I usually get the single kobeda (meat) on naan bread. It comes with salad and a nice soup, and it costs just £4.80. That's an unbeatable price in my opinion. 
Jaffa Restaurant (clockwise): Chicken Fatayer, Chips, Chicken Shawarma with Salad & Chilli Sauce
and finally warm Naan. All for £10.
   Moose Coffee

This is a cafĂ© and brunch place located in Manchester City Centre. I've been here twice and I really like the place. Their eggs benedict with salmon and spinach is a dream and I had the best mocha in the world here.Okay maybe I'm slightly exaggerating about the mocha. It's usually very busy though, especially when the weather is nice so there's always a queue or long periods of waiting. I feel like the prices are good when you look at how much food you get. The last time my friends and I went, we got pancakes with ice cream and syrup. It cost just £6 and nobody could finish their food. It was so filling and so yummy. 
Would love to eat this right now :(

Wong Wong Bakery
This is a cute little Chinese bakery located on Princess Street. I've only been once but I enjoyed visiting it. They have a variety of pastries and cakes. Some of them , I had never seen or heard of until visiting . Everything is very affordable and must things cost between one and three pounds. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from my visit. 

Toro's Steakhouse
This is located right at the very beginning of the Curry Mile/Rusholme. We went here for dinner one evening after school was over. It's very comfy and the food was quite good. They serve different cuts of meat, burgers and chicken. They've also got a variety of sides. The steak is pricey but it's still in the same price range as a lot of steakhouses in the city.
I had a 1/4 chicken meal with two sides. It's just like getting Nando's but cheaper. It cost me £4.99 only. I also got a mock strawberry daiquiri  and that was a little over £2. All in all, less than a tenner. My kind of meal haha. 

So, here are a few places that I've eaten at and enjoyed in the last two years. My friends and I have also eaten in a host of other places. I'm very sure we've tried almost every buffet that Manchester has to offer. If you're interested in buffets, I recommend Efes (Turkish Buffet) and  Tops (Different Cuisines).  The Manchester Food Market located in the Arndale Centre also has various places to eat. The cuisine ranges from Mexican to Greek to vegan to Nigerian  and many more. 

Once again, I hope this guide was useful to anyone wanting to visit Manchester on a budget. Hopefully these pictures didn't make you as hungry as it made me :)


  1. That pancakes look super soft and OMG decandent! What is their secret!! Gotta try that out when I go to Machester.
    Grey Canvas

  2. Those pancakes have got me drooling!

  3. ugh I need to come to Manchester again just for the food. They all look so good. V nice post xx

    1. Eya, when you came we were both too broke to really explore all the food spots like we wanted haha. Maybe next time <3

  4. I need to go to all these places!! x

    1. If you're ever in Manchester, you definitely should Parie :)

  5. Would love to visit Manchester! The moose cafe' sounds great, those pancakes are lovely !


    1. Manchester is a very fun place, you should totally try Moose if you ever come! xx

  6. Thank you for sharing all these places! I'm a bit further down south, so haven't ever been to Manchester yet!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thank you for reading Lorna, if you ever come here then I'm sure you'll enjoy these places! xx

  7. Wow! It looks delicious. I really like all this food.

  8. The food looks so delicious! I wish it could magically appear in front of me!


    1. If only that was possible, thanks for reading Nora! <3

  9. You should do a post on Wong Wong Bakery! I really wanna try a chinese bakery the food always looks like it's going to be amazing! I do want to try Moose coffee, too. x

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five

    1. Wong Wong Bakery is such cute little place, totally loved it. You should deffs try a Chinese bakery :)

  10. Ok I'm officially hungry this all looks so good!

    City Brewed

  11. This post was very helpful! The food also looks so delicious!
    Xx Victoria


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