No More Nonsense

Happy new month guys! Is it just me or did January feel like it took ages? 

I've been thinking of moving my Friday posts to Thursday because it's more convenient, will keep you guys posted. So one of my favourite bloggers Lily Kate recently put up a blog post called Thou Shalt Take No Shit and I loved it. I could relate because one of my goals for 2017 is to actually not take any nonsense from people but it didn't cross my mind to make it into a blog post until I read hers. Anyways shout out to Lily Kate from Joli House, her blog is really amazing. Love the way she writes, you should all check her out.

The main reason I love Jane The Virgin is because I relate to Jane's character completely. She basically reminds me of myself, very scary sometimes even. Always so eager to be on good terms with everyone and likes to avoid conflicts. Overthinks the littlest things and just wants everyone to like her. If you watch the show, you will recall in season 2 when Jane realises that Michael's parents do not like her anymore and she finally accepts it. I had such an epiphany late last year and that's when I decided that I will take no more nonsense.

I've always been just like Jane. I hate conflicts, they make me feel sick literally.This is probably a good thing for the most part. I tend to be more patient in situations so it doesn't turn into a huge argument and I always let things slide. Sometimes people say things 'jokingly' about me. Things that I do not find funny, things that I'm probably insecure about. But instead of letting them know how I feel what do I do? I laugh along. You know that fake shrill laugh you do when you don't find something funny? Yup that one.

Well in 2017 there will be no more laughing at unfunny personal jokes. There will be no more letting comments (especially rude ones) slide. If I feel uncomfortable about something I will speak up, if you are rude to me I will definitely put you in your place. Now I'm not saying I'm going to start flaring up at the littlest things, that's pretty immature. One doesn't need to respond to everything but I will find the balance between speaking up and keeping quiet. And when I do speak up, I will not be rude about it. You can let someone know how you feel without getting nasty and rude. I have realised now that people tend to walk over you when they feel you're 'nice' and I will not stand for it. Neither should you. 

Yes, we're all human and we tend to screw up and say/do things to others that we regret. I'm not talking about those sort of slip ups. I'm talking about disrespect here. No one has the right to talk to you as they please or make jokes at your expense if you're not cool with that. But if you don't say something, how will they know not to do it again huh?

So what do you say? Shall we make 2017 a year of no more nonsense?


  1. Love this post. I actually don't know how to keep shut when someone says something that unpleases me. It's either I talk them through it straightaway or I just completely zone out after that. Either ways, I get to pass across my message.
    I used to be like virgin Jane sometime back till I started becoming more confident and less dependent on other people's opinions.
    Yes to a year of no more nonsense. Happy New Month dear.
    Life Diary||January

    1. Yes, I love that : Become more confident and less dependent on people's opinions. Happy new month Laitan and thanks for stopping by! xx

  2. Hey girl, you're right about not letting anyone being disrepectful with you or anyone else, we need to stop that kind of people! ♥


  3. Replies
    1. Yes, you can! There are many places to watch it online. Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. I love this series! Take care of yourself Demilade, don't let people disrespect you

    Neslihan xx

    1. Yass, it's a lovely series isn't it? Thank you for reading Neslihan! xx

  5. I've never watched this but she sounds a bit like me! But yes sister, you go girl! I'm with you on not taking anymore shit!Xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. It's a really great show haha. Thanks Lucy! xx

  6. OMG I LOVE Jane the virgin! I have stopped watching it because I was watching it online and all sites have gone weird! Need to see if it has been updated on netflix or just wait! Xx


    1. I'm also waiting for it to be updated on Netflix! Thanks for stopping by. xx


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