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Hey guys, how are you all? A post was supposed to go up on Valentine's Day but due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn't put  it up. How was Valentine's day for you all? Please do tell me all about it in the comments section. As I mentioned in my previous post, my only plan was to get a free sub which I did. Afterwards, my friends and I simply walked around and just talked. We ended the day by having really yummy crepes. It was a lovely day, lots of laughter.

In the last few weeks I've become quite obsessed with lingerie. I've always liked looking at all the pretty lace bras and silk kimonos at VS, Boux Avenue and the rest but now I'm totally in love. All the lace and silk and pretty night dresses, robes, bras and the likes. They're oh so lovely. On Valentine's day, my friends and I decided to go into Boux Avenue just to look around. Before we knew it, we were oohing and aahing at everything. We ended up getting bra fittings and the lady that assisted us gave us some tips which I'm going to be sharing below!

Try Before You Buy 
Sizes tend to vary a lot between different brands. Ideally the differences should be minimal but that isn't always the case I guess. I also had a bra fitting at Ann Summers the day after the Boux Avenue one and the sizes were ENTIRELY different, not even close. But the different bras in the different stores fit me perfectly which goes to show that sizes do vary from brand to brand.

So when you can, try it in store to make sure it's the perfect fit. I have one question though; what do you do if you need to buy online?

The Underwire
It shouldn't be sticking into your boobs, not only is it painful it can also cause cysts which can be dangerous. She said it should always be pressed to your ribs instead.

The Cup
If you're gaping (i.e. cup is sticking out) , go down a cup. If it's so tight, that they're uncomfortable or giving you four boobs go up a cup.

Note: Sometimes the gaping may be there because the straps are too loose. So try to adjust the straps first, if it still gapes then go down a cup.

The Back Band
If it rides up, it's too large and you probably won't be getting any support. Also, when you pull the band back, you should only be able to fit 4 fingers in. If you can pull it really far back then it's too big for you. 

So guys, these are some of the tips the lady gave us. I didn't know some of this stuff so it was nice to learn something new. I hope this helps somebody! xx

Photo Credit: Maram Arrak <3



  1. I think one of the things I miss about living in Europe is been able to go underwear shopping...I could spend the whole day in those stores just looking for the perfect bra. Nowadays I just pray to get my size...big breast problems.


    1. Haha same, I could spend the whole day just looking. Lool @ big breast problems. Thank you for reading. xx

  2. Enjoyed reading the post. I love places were you get measured, so they can advise you on perfect size.

    1. aww thank you for reading! xx

  3. Lingerie shopping is so fun, thanks for the tips.


  4. J'adore! thanks for sharing all your tips. bisous

  5. Thanks for the tips Demi x

    1. Thank you for reading Dami, glad they could help! xx


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