The Magic of Meaningful Friendships

Hi guys!  This is a pretty short post, just wanted to share something with you guys.As the year draws to an end, a lot of people spend their time reflecting on their year and life in general. It's generally a season of gratitude and I know lots of bloggers are participating in gratitude challenges. One thing that I realise I'm really grateful for is having wonderful friends. 

This post was inspired by this gift I got from my friends ; Nida and Maram last
Monday. They know I've been working on my skin as mentioned in this post so they went
out and got me this skincare set. I wasn't expecting it and it really touched me.It wasn't even
about the gift but about the thought behind it. There's actually a video of me being soppy about it but I won't post it lol. 
I've always had amazing friends that encourage me to want to be a better person and make me feel better about my self. Friends that tell it how it is and genuinely have your back. Friends that do things for you without expecting anything in return. I'm very grateful because I know some people don't have true friends , just snakes all around them. I don't have a lot of friends but as they say, "quality over quantity". Surrounding yourself with people that exude good vibes and support you is really important. No man is an island, we all need a support system. As this is the season of gratitude, I'm imploring you guys to reach out to all your wonderful friends ,let them know that they're appreciated and that they're special. Shoutout to all my friends (you know yourselves), I love and appreciate you.
Here's to good friends, may we have them and may we be them. xx


  1. Very beautiful Post; true friends are indeed hard to find. Have a great Christmas and New year.

  2. Yes to quality over quantity. Your friends are so cute and thoughtful.
    Laitanbee Blog

  3. You are blessed! It's true, not a lot of people have genuine people around them.


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