Demilade and Disappearing

I'm sure you're all tired of me on this blog. Always disappearing and then coming back with apologies and promising not to disappear again. "Does this babe even care about this her blog ?" you might be asking yourself. Well, I do. A lot. But I'm a student and school always comes first. Blogging doesn't exactly pay my bills (not that I have any bills lmao but you catch my drift.) I've been writing exams, 9 papers to be exact. I'm FINALLY done thank God. You know at a point I forgot that I have a blog. Yes, my exams were that deep. So yes, I can now blog to my heart's content.
       You see, I know people balance blogging and school/work but I feel so guilty if I blog during exam time. I feel like I could be learning something at that very moment. My mind works in a very weird way tbh. If I had blogged during my exam period yeah, if by any chance I didn't know the answer to a question whilst writing a paper, I would have blamed it on blogging. I would tell myself that it's because the time I should have spent studying that particular thing was spent on my blog. And then I'll start regretting and just work myself into a panicky state. Very dramatic eh? 

But not to worry, I have no exams till this time next year so here's to a summer of endless blog posts. xx


  1. I can totally relate with the whole blogging and school stress. Gets to me most times. We'll survive.
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