The first time I saw a picture of Seyi, it was on Instagram. I don't remember how I found her Instagram account but I was so impressed. Not only were her outfits beautiful , but you could just get this aura of a positive and hardworking person from reading her captions at times. I also loved the fact that she replied to all of her comments, every single one of them. 

I decided to check her blog out one day and I liked it a lot. I subscribed and I've been a loyal follower ever since. Her outfits are always so beautiful and her thoughts are equally beautiful . Seyi was kind enough to answer a few questions, please enjoy and also check out her blog. xx


For The Love of Lingerie

Hey guys, how are you all? A post was supposed to go up on Valentine's Day but due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn't put  it up. How was Valentine's day for you all? Please do tell me all about it in the comments section. As I mentioned in my previous post, my only plan was to get a free sub which I did. Afterwards, my friends and I simply walked around and just talked. We ended the day by having really yummy crepes. It was a lovely day, lots of laughter.

In the last few weeks I've become quite obsessed with lingerie. I've always liked looking at all the pretty lace bras and silk kimonos at VS, Boux Avenue and the rest but now I'm totally in love. All the lace and silk and pretty night dresses, robes, bras and the likes. They're oh so lovely. On Valentine's day, my friends and I decided to go into Boux Avenue just to look around. Before we knew it, we were oohing and aahing at everything. We ended up getting bra fittings and the lady that assisted us gave us some tips which I'm going to be sharing below!


Mini Life Update 💗

So I've decided to change the days when new blog posts go up. From now on, a new post will go up on Tuesdays and on Saturdays, not Mondays and Fridays like it used to be. 

I realised that I haven't spoken about what's been going on lately in my life and so I decided to give you an update! 
Monday morning selfies 😋
Nothing super exciting has been happening really. I've just been going to college, trying to get those As you know? I don't think I've ever mentioned this on here but last year I applied to four medical schools. I remember saying that I applied to uni but didn't specify what course I applied for. It has been quite a stressful and nerve wracking process, what with the aptitude tests and the fear of getting that awful rejection email. I've gone for two interviews so far and I am hoping for the best. 


5 Ways To Manage Your Money Better

     Actually, money looks better in your bank account than on your feet.

If there's one thing I've become obsessed with in the last few months, it's spending wisely. I've realised that I need to start taking money seriously , it doesn't grow on trees as they say. Now I have a savings account and I always put some money in there whenever I get my allowance but I've decided that I want to do more. So today I'm sharing with you guys the things I'm doing currently to manage my money better. And what better day to share this than at the beginning of the working week? Here's some Monday motivation for you!

PS:I'm just going to point out that I am in no way an 'expert' on financial issues, these are things I'm currently implementing for myself and I just thought it'll be nice to share! xx

There is rice at home
A few weeks ago I decided to look at my bank statements to see my spending pattern. To my dismay, I realised that I've been spending my money on food. Not even on clothes, books or makeup. Food! Not only is it bad for my waistline, it's making me broke too. I love to try new restaurants with my friends but it's killing my account balance so I've decided to reduce the number of times I go out to eat. I always tell myself now that there's rice at home (meaning= there's food at home). If you're in the same boat, why don't you try this? Limit the number of times you eat out. You'll save money and when you do go out, you'll appreciate it better.



No More Nonsense

Happy new month guys! Is it just me or did January feel like it took ages? 

I've been thinking of moving my Friday posts to Thursday because it's more convenient, will keep you guys posted. So one of my favourite bloggers Lily Kate recently put up a blog post called Thou Shalt Take No Shit  and I loved it. I could relate because one of my goals for 2017 is to actually not take any nonsense from people  but it didn't cross my mind to make it into a blog post until I read hers. Anyways shout out to Lily Kate from Joli House, her blog is really amazing. Love the way she writes, you should all check her out.

The main reason I love Jane The Virgin is because I relate to Jane's character completely. She basically reminds me of myself, very scary sometimes even. Always so eager to be on good terms with everyone and likes to avoid conflicts. Overthinks the littlest things and just wants everyone to like her. If you watch the show , you will recall in season 2 when Jane realises that Michael's parents do not like her anymore and she finally accepts it. I had such an epiphany late last year and that's when I decided that I will take no more nonsense.

I've always been just like Jane. I hate conflicts, they make me feel sick literally.This is probably a good thing for the most part. I tend to be more patient in situations so it doesn't turn into a huge argument and I always let  things slide. Sometimes people say things 'jokingly' about me. Things that I do not find funny,things that I'm probably insecure about. But instead of letting them know how I feel what do I do? I laugh along. You know that fake shrill laugh you do when you don't find something funny? Yup that one.


The Thing Around Your Neck: A Book Review

By the time this post goes up, I'll be trudging  down the road  so that I can catch the bus to college. Desperately wishing it wasn't so cold and that I could feel the Lagos sun for just twenty minutes. Which is really weird because if I was in Lagos, I would wish I was in a colder country. Sigh, life.

Today I'm going to be reviewing a book that has been on my list of books to read for about two years now. It goes without saying, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is iconic. Love her or hate her , she's her own person and always makes sure her voice is heard. She is one of my favourite authors of all time and after reading The Thing Around Your Neck, I can now say that I have read all of her books. And I loved every single one, can't even pick a favourite one. (PS: She has a new book out this year!)

I've always wanted to read The Thing Around Your Neck and luckily for me, I found it in the library near my college. Without further ado, here's my review.

Name of Book: The Thing Around Your Neck

Author:  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Year of Publication: 2009

Book Summary: This is a collection of short stories about Nigerians in Nigeria and in diaspora. The stories touch a number of different topics such as racism, infidelity, sibling rivalry, family, the Nigerian Civil War, oppression and so on.


On Saying Bye To Makeup: The Followup #1

Hi guys! This is coming so late but happy new year to you all! I'm so excited about the new year and all that I want to achieve. I actually put together a post talking about goals and aspirations for the year but I decided not to post it as I wasn't feeling it and didn't want to bore you all . Basically, this year I just want to improve in every area of my life. Be a better me, learn new skills and more importantly impact the lives of people around me positively. Blog wise, I want to be more consistent and grow my audience.  Those are my goals for the year in a nutshell. Anyways, back to the purpose of today's post.

So back in November, I put up this post ; On Saying Bye To Makeup . I spoke about my hyperpigmentation and how I've decided not to buy anymore foundation/concealer till I'm satisfied with my skin. I've sort of kept to my promise. (I did get a new tube of concealer but that was a gift).  I also invested in some skincare products. They're not too expensive and I'm going to review them. xx

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional in any way , my skincare finds are through trial and error. Also, please be mindful of the fact that what works for me might not necessarily work for you. Everyone's skin is different. Thank you.

  • The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23%+ HA Spheres 2%
So I read about The Ordinary brand in a magazine and I was impressed when I read about how they offer skincare products that are usually expensive (e.g. serums, acids and so on) for less. I was looking for a Vitamin C serum as Vitamin C helps improve the appearance of scars, increases cell turnover and reduces hyperpigmentation. I had been considering getting the Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum but at £40 it's quite expensive. When I saw that this one was only £4.90 and was getting good reviews , I decided to try it. It's a water free stable suspension and I apply in the mornings after washing my face. For the first few days, it made my face really tingly for about 5 minutes then I got used to it. It was okay, for the price. I wouldn't call it a spectacular product though.

Rating: 3/5


Goodbye 2016💓

Hello guys! How are your holidays going? If you celebrate Christmas, how was it? My Christmas was very relaxed. Stayed at home and ate lots of food , mostly chocolate. I'm so done with sweets right now ehn. I guess you could say that I overindulged.Shame on me lol. 

2016 was a very eventful and eye opening year for me. I feel like I grew so much this year, this is the year that I became mature and put away all my childish and idealistic beliefs. I don't know how to explain it but I feel like my mind was totally renewed. Can't believe I'll be 18 in March, really scary! 

Education wise, it was a really good year. I passed all my exams, applied to uni and all of that.

Blog wise,it was also great. I decided to restart my blog in January 2016 and it has been amazing so far. Although I'm not as consistent as I would like to be, I believe my blog got better this year ( probably has to do with the becoming more mature thing). My blog audience grew and I got to know about so many other amazing blogs out there. I also think that I finally found my niche when it comes to blogging, lifestyle as a whole. 

In my very first post of 2016 , I said I wanted to become more fluent in French. Well, I'm very pleased to announce that I've been learning French AND Turkish this year(more on this soon) and I'm really happy about my progress. I think it's great to be able to speak multiple languages, I take my inspiration from my friend Maram who speaks 5 languages fluently.  In terms of skills, I tried my hardest to improve myself this year. From my culinary skills to my language skills, I tried my best. 

I finally joined the gym in 2016. Best decision to be honest. I don't have my 'goal body' or anything but now I'm fitter. Going to the gym helps me release stress and it has also contributed to my skin looking better. So yay to more fitness in 2017.

I also mentioned in my first post this year that I want to improve my relationship with God. It is definitely not where I want it to be, it's not even close. But I'm trying my best and I believe God sees my heart. 

Most importantly, I'm just very grateful to be alive. That my family is alive, so are my friends. So many awful things happened this year in the world and they're still happening. From the terrorist attacks in Belgium and France to the crisis in Aleppo, a lot of heartbreaking things happened. I'm not better than the people who died, neither are you. We haven't done anything special to keep us alive, it's only God. And for that I am truly grateful.

2016 was a good year, here's to an even better 2017. Happy new year guys.xx

PS: I got featured on  a website this month. You can read my interview here


The Magic of Meaningful Friendships

Hi guys!  This is a pretty short post, just wanted to share something with you guys.As the year draws to an end, a lot of people spend their time reflecting on their year and life in general. It's generally a season of gratitude and I know lots of bloggers are participating in gratitude challenges. One thing that I realise I'm really grateful for is having wonderful friends. 

This post was inspired by this gift I got from my friends ; Nida and Maram last
Monday. They know I've been working on my skin as mentioned in this post so they went
out and got me this skincare set. I wasn't expecting it and it really touched me.It wasn't even
about the gift but about the thought behind it. There's actually a video of me being soppy about it but I won't post it lol. 
I've always had amazing friends that encourage me to want to be a better person and make me feel better about my self. Friends that tell it how it is and genuinely have your back. Friends that do things for you without expecting anything in return. I'm very grateful because I know some people don't have true friends , just snakes all around them. I don't have a lot of friends but as they say, "quality over quantity". Surrounding yourself with people that exude good vibes and support you is really important. No man is an island, we all need a support system. As this is the season of gratitude, I'm imploring you guys to reach out to all your wonderful friends ,let them know that they're appreciated and that they're special. Shoutout to all my friends (you know yourselves), I love and appreciate you.
Here's to good friends, may we have them and may we be them. xx


OOTD: Grey,Camel & Black

Hi guys, happy new month! I'm so excited about Christmas! I've been listening to a lot of Christmas songs particularly covers by Pentatonix  and also the King's College Choir (those boys have angelic voices, always moves me). Are you excited about Christmas?
 Anyways I decided to share a quick outfit post with you guys. My last outfit post was in February ! Can you imagine that? I'm just very shy when it comes to posing for pictures in public. When I was in Nigeria, I always wore skirts and dresses. No jeans for me, I didn't like it. But when I moved to England, jeans became a part of my wardrobe and I actually like them now although I still prefer my skirts. Since it's cold right now I wear jeans on most school days but once in a while I'll wear a skirt. Yesterday was one of those days.

It's a pretty simple outfit. A grey body suit from H&M, black skirt , tights and boots. And a camel coat. I particularly love the coat. I feel like it makes the outfit look more polished, what do you think guys? Have a lovely weekend. xx

PS: I would like to give a shout out to my beautiful friend Maram , she took these pictures.

Coat:New Look//Bodysuit: H&M//Boots:Deichmann//Bag Dorothy Perkins

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