5 Year Bloggerversary!!!

Hello, hello my people!  I created my blog in August 2011 when I was 12. 5 years, blog name changes and lots of embarrassing blog posts  (which I have now taken down)later, here I am! Although I restarted the blog in January and so my official bloggerversary is January 2016, it's very comforting to know that I've owned this tiny piece of the internet. I feel very proud of myself for holding it down for so long and I hope I can hold it down for even longer! 

To all the people that have read, shared and subscribed, thank you so much. I appreciate all the support. xx



#GirlBoss: A Must Read

I really need to stop being so anxious about everything. The Bible says we should cast all our anxiety upon the Lord because he cares for us, need to stick this in my brain. Last week I was so nervous about my AS results, I thought I was going to throw up.I prayed about the exams but also studied really hard (faith without actions is dead remember?). They ended up being really great and I was so relieved and thankful. Being anxious gets you nowhere, it just leaves you frazzled. 

I don't know if it's because I'm getting older but I'm really into motivational books written by successful women right now. This is the first one I've read and I've added more to my list. I took down all my old posts but if you've been an avid reader of my blog, this book was on my summer reading list last year. Fast forward to 2016, I was randomly scrolling through books on Amazon (a favourite pastime of mine) when I saw it and it was sooo cheap. I ordered it right there and then. The company I ordered it from is called Book Depository.

PS: Delivery is free worldwide and no, this is not an ad. 

Anyways, I really like this book. I love it infact. Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal , a leading etailer that made $300 million in revenue last year  tells us about her rise to success. Her story is very funny and sometimes jaw dropping. She made Forbes' list of America's Richest Self Made Women this year. Honestly, this book is so inspiring. It's not boring, it's like reading a story book. Every girl that wants to be a #GirlBoss in whatever she does should definitely add this to her reading list. Here are a few excerpts from the book that I loved: 

In the book, Sophia stresses the importance of controlling your finances A LOT.
And she is a person I'm willing to take advice from when it comes to money. Do you know she built
her company debt free? Unbelievable.

This made me think a lot. Nobody owes you anything.
If you want something, ask for it. Nothing is going to
come to you.

She used a funny story about a time she got a Victoria's Secret bra to
stress the fact that little things matter. The little things add up to make the big things.

I honestly hope you get this book and you read it and you love it. Thank you for reading. xx


Blogger Spotlight: Alma of The Alma Chronicle

Hello guys, happy new month! I do apologise for being absent throughout last week. I had posts planned out and all but the wifi suddenly developed a mind of its own and stopped working. Very bizarre. Thankfully it has been fixed.
     There are so many amazing bloggers out there that I love . I have decided to start a new series on the blog called Blogger Spotlight so that you guys can know them too. If you have any blogger in particular that you'd like me to ask some questions, let me know in the comments section! xx

I'm a big fan of this particular blogger. I actually discovered her blog through Twitter. Someone retweeted one of her tweets, I checked her account and followed her. Then I started reading her blog and retweeting all her gorgeous outfit pictures. My admiration for her skyrocketed after reading this interview she had with Bella Naija. I present to you Alma Ezonfade of The Alma Chronicle. 

When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging in January 2015. Before that, I was an avid reader of different fashion & style blogs and I really liked what it was all about. I liked the idea of having a space to freely express your thoughts whilst sharing style and beauty tips. At that time, I must admit I wasn't the most stylish person but I wanted a platform I could document bits and pieces of my life and voila, The Alma Chronicle was born. 

What's your blog about?
My blog is mostly about my personal style. It's also a space for me to freely express my thoughts on certain topics that I’m passionate about. 

How would you describe your style?
Simple & Comfortable. My personal style is greatly influenced by the saying "less is more" and that's what I try to preach on my blog. I believe in making the most out of simple basic pieces and I don't believe in compromising comfort to look good. 

How do you balance work/school and blogging?
Well, I just completed my masters in Engineering Management and for that period, my blog suffered. I'm not the best at juggling priorities so I wouldn't say there's much of a balance yet. Lately, I've embraced the idea of scheduling posts and bulk shooting so my blog doesn't suffer even when my life is busy. 

What does self love mean to you?
Self love to me, simply means being able to accept, love and respect yourself. Being able to comfortably call out my insecurities and imperfections and then accepting them because essentially that's what makes me ....ME! It's very important that us females understand this because we're in the day and age where the media influences whether we love ourselves or not and that's just simply sad.

What are some principles you live by and why?
live with no regrets and try everything at least once.

What're your future goals for your blog?
Hmmm. I can never really put these goals in short sentences. In summary, I want my blog to be a sure stop for ladies of different demographics seeking some sort of style inspiration. 

What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers?
Don't compare yourself to other bloggers. I know this is easier said than done because we live in an era where success is largely publicized on social media platforms and as such, it's easy to get caught up in the quicksand of self doubt when you feel you aren't moving as fast or benefitting as quickly as the next person. Do your own thing, appreciate every lesson learnt and you'll see results. Use other bloggers as a source of inspiration as opposed to measurement of success. I have a post dedicated to this, you can check it out here (With Love, Alma). 

Alma's Links 
Blog: The Alma Chronicle 
Instagram: @thealmachronicle


Life Lately: Summer Update

Hello guys! How's your summer going? Hope you're enjoying loads of sunshine and crossing things off your bucket list?  I'm sure you are.  
    Demilade on the other hand, has spent most of her days indoors, doing random things like ironing her clothes and practicing her winged liner LMAO. Yesterday was the height really, I stayed in bed all afternoon.I didn't even use my phone , I was just staring into space.

LOL this wasn't even a deliberate pose, I was squinting because of the sun.
It turned out to be a nice picture so :)
I'm currently in love with dresses like this, so comfortable to wear and can
be dressed up or down. 

I suppose it's my fault that my summer has been  'dead' so far. I've been on pins and needles lately because my exam results are out soon. I also have an exam next month and I'm very nervous about that as well. Apart from studying, all I've been doing is going to the gym ( I don join fit fam) and watching TV shows (currently: A Different World) .I deserve to let my hair down though before I'm sucked back into the crazy world of A Levels. A world filled with 5 AM alarm clocks and chemistry tests. 

On Wednesday I went out with some of my friends for a few hours, we're all in the same waiting for exam boat so it was nice to go out and just enjoy.I laughed so much that day, and that's when I realized that I was wasting my summer by hiding away in my room every single day.

Finally satisfied my craving for Nando's.
Annnd done.
So this has been my summer really. Hopefully, I'll go out a bit more next month. How has your summer been guys? Let me know in the comments! xx

Girl in red, laughing like a maniac?
Yup that's me.



Short Girl Problems

 Hello guys. This post is actually an oldie. In January, I drafted all my old posts because I wanted to start afresh. While I was going through my drafts yesterday, I found this and so I've decided to post it again. It's very amusing and accurate. I'm sure all my short girls can relate.

PS: Anything in the bracket is by me

1. People like to pat you on the head. What purpose does this serve?
2. They also really like to call you cute. It gets annoying fast. (Very annoying.)
3. Ditto for shorty. Just stop.
4. Your pants cost $30 more than everyone else's because you have to get them hemmed. Also formal dresses and non-mini skirts. You're basically keeping your tailor in business. ( And don't forget jeans that bunch up at your ankles cos they're too long b)
5. You can't reach half the shelves in your apartment. Hope you have space for a small ladder. (My younger brother and sister always get stuff for me from the shelves when I don't feel like climbing)
6. Standing-room-only concerts are the worst. Oh, did you want to see Beyoncé perform?
7. Grocery shopping is an exercise in flirting. Why do supermarket shelves go up so high?
8. You might as well not bother owning an ottoman because your feet will never reach it.(STORY.OF.MY.LIFE.)
9. You have to wear heels to work. If you don't, you are basically a foot shorter than all your coworkers.
10. People constantly want to pick you up. And they often just do it without permission or warning. I am not a puppy. (Well I like being picked up so this is not so bad lol)
11. You look up to everyone. Literally.
12. Making out with a tall dude is a workout. Your neck hurts from stretching, your legs hurt from standing on your tip toes for so long, your abs hurt from trying to keep your balance — it's practically a barre class. (I don't know about this one o)
13. Holding hands is also awkward.
14. People use your shoulder as their personal armrest, and sometimes your head as a headrest. Do I look like furniture? 
15. Taking pictures is a nightmare. It takes at least three takes to convince your taller friend that 1) she should not bend down to take a photo with you and 2) she does not look like a yeti next to you.
16. You get stuck in the middle seat on road trips even though that seat is equally uncomfortable no matter your leg length.
17. You will never be a supermodel ( And I can't wear over the knee boots *sigh)

Article culled from COSMOPOLITAN
Have a great week! xx


The Beginner's Guide To Natural Hair : Keeping Your Hair Moisturized

I've been a natural (I haven't chemically altered my  hair) for a while now (two years on Monday!) and in so many ways I still consider myself a beginner.I still don't get the whole hair porosity thing for example.  But this year I vowed to take better care of my hair and I've learned a lot so I'm going to be sharing my tips and tricks in this new series on the blog. I'll try to keep my posts as short as possible so they don't get boring.

Some people want to go natural but are afraid to do so because they think their hair will be tough and unmanageable. The solution to this is simply keeping your hair moisturized. Pouring water on it when you take a bath isn't enough, I wish someone told me this when I did my big chop. The water is going to dry and your hair is going to turn into a dry poof. Well unless you're naturally blessed with soft hair, lucky you.


There are loads of ways to moisturize but this is currently what I do to my hair and I've noticed that my hair has become very manageable . It is called the LOC method. 

  • L for Liquid or Leave-In.  Some people just spray their hair with water for this step. I spray my hair then I add a water based  leave-in conditioner.
  • O for Oil. This helps to seal in the moisture from the water or leave-in. In the daytime I use olive oil and at night I use a mixture of coconut oil, Shea butter  and Jamaican black castor oil. There's no specific reason why I use a mixture , I was just bored so I mixed my oils together. And I use the mixture at night because the smell of natural coconut oil is offensive to some and I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable at school. You don't have to be extra like me, coconut oil alone does the job, or any other oil you fancy.
  • C for Cream. You should follow with a butter based cream. A popular one is Shea butter. But since I already use that as part of my oil mixture, I simply use a moisturizing lotion. Some people use curl defining cremes as well. Depends on you really.

From Left to Right: ORS Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray, Cantu Daily Moisturizer, ORS Curls Unleashed
Leave-In Conditioner
After this, you simply style your hair as usual. At night I twist my hair and tie a silk scarf. You can wear a silk bonnet as well. If your pillowcase is cotton, it will soak all the moisture from your hair while you sleep and this is why you're advised to cover your hair with silk or use a silk pillowcase.

Not the best picture but this is how I twist my hair at night. It also helps to stretch
out my hair and keep it from getting tangled. More on that later.
You don't have to use the products that I use, find what works for you . You can get most of these things at your local beauty store or pharmacy. And in case you were wondering, I don't do this everyday because I don't want my hair to get too much product buildup before wash day. I do this three times a week. On the days that I don't, I simply spray my hair with water and add some olive oil on top to seal it in.

If you didn't know how to moisturize natural hair, I hope you found this helpful. If you already knew all of this, thanks for stopping by still. And new tips for moisturizing your hair whether it's natural or not are welcome in the comments section. In my next post in this series, we'll be talking about wash day and all that good stuff. Until then! xx

Note: There are many other ways to moisturise your hair. There's the LCO, LOCO, max hydration and so on. You can research them and choose the one that works best for you. 


Demilade and Disappearing

I'm sure you're all tired of me on this blog. Always disappearing and then coming back with apologies and promising not to disappear again. "Does this babe even care about this her blog ?" you might be asking yourself. Well, I do. A lot. But I'm a student and school always comes first. Blogging doesn't exactly pay my bills (not that I have any bills lmao but you catch my drift.) I've been writing exams, 9 papers to be exact. I'm FINALLY done thank God. You know at a point I forgot that I have a blog. Yes, my exams were that deep. So yes, I can now blog to my heart's content.
       You see, I know people balance blogging and school/work but I feel so guilty if I blog during exam time. I feel like I could be learning something at that very moment. My mind works in a very weird way tbh. If I had blogged during my exam period yeah, if by any chance I didn't know the answer to a question whilst writing a paper, I would have blamed it on blogging. I would tell myself that it's because the time I should have spent studying that particular thing was spent on my blog. And then I'll start regretting and just work myself into a panicky state. Very dramatic eh? 

But not to worry, I have no exams till this time next year so here's to a summer of endless blog posts. xx


On My Radar: 'The Cold Shoulder'

This post was supposed to go up yesterday night but you know, life happens. It is quite clear that lately, the off-shoulder look has been trending. I am here for it to be honest. I think it looks nice on everyone regardless of body type. Looking forward to buying myself some off shoulder summer dresses lol. I've created three different outfits (very feminine) using Polyvore to show the different ways that you can rock the off shoulder look. I remember when I used to spend hours on Polyvore creating outfits. It's been a while since I used it. Enjoy. xx
  • LOOK 1
This is for people who like the trend but don't feel comfortable showing off their shoulders or too much chest. I know some people feel that they have very broad shoulders and so do not like to show it off too much.
  • LOOK 2
This outfit is super simple, just the way I like it. I feel this is more of an every day look. I don't really wear sunglasses but I added them to this because I was thinking of Fisayo Longe when I put this outfit together. She's so cool and rocks her sunglasses well.
Untitled #64

  • LOOK 3
Now this one is quite edgy, a cold shoulder blazer. Not sure if I can pull it off but it's really nice. I think it's a great twist on your conventional work wear blazer. I like how these days, designers just add a little twist to classic pieces, very fresh . 
Untitled #65

All items were gotten from Far Fetch. Enjoy your weekend loves. xx


Book Review: A Thousand Splendid Suns

Hello, hello! Welcome back to my blog, if this is your first time reading it; I am so happy that you're here (I've been watching way too many Youtube videos lol). Now I've been planning this post since February because I read the book in February but I just didn't know what to say. You know when you feel so strongly about something but then you just can't explain it? That's how I feel but I'll try my best. Let's get started! 

PS: I read a lot of books but I only review books that I LOVE 100% so if I review a book, it means I must think it's all that.

BOOK: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

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I picked this book because one of my friends at college said it was really good. I didn't really know what to expect because I had never read a book based in Afghanistan or any country in the Middle East for that matter. Let  me just say that I love books that make me feel strong emotions. Be it pain, happiness, anger, anything. This book made me angry but sad from the very first chapter. It's one thing to acknowledge that for years women have been oppressed but it is another thing to feel like you're experiencing it first hand as you're reading the book. This book shook me to my core. It made me really wonder if such things happened/are happening in Nigeria. I can be quite emotional sometimes so I might be over reacting but that's how I truly feel. The two women in this book suffered a lot and I just kept on asking myself why life is so unfair to some people. It really is a good book. It's a critically acclaimed book actually. My friend Chiamaka has her own review of it which you can check HERE.. She has loads of other book reviews on her blog by the way.

This part shocked me so much, I had to take a picture
and send it to my friends lol.

The book also taught me a lot about the history of Afghanistan. I learned so much from it. Things that the media never  showed. Or maybe they did and I just wasn't paying attention. This book is what you call 10/10.(insert Naeto C's 10 Over 10). If you like to be in your feelings when you read, then you'll love this. A lot. This one is fiction but if you want a true life story, read The Kabul Beauty School by Debby Rodriguez. The stories of the women in that book are so sad and they're real. Please how can you get raped and you're the person that goes to jail and not the rapist? Is that not madness?I have so many things to say but I don't know how to say them sigh.I actually wish that I could buy dozens of this book and just give them out lmao. Please add it to your reading lists. 

Watch out for my next post on Friday, it's going to be about natural hair!  Enjoy your week.



Hello guys, happy new month! This is exactly what I said in my previous blog post lol. March went by so fast gosh. My birthday was very nice. I didn't do anything special but it was a lovely day nevertheless. My AS exams start next month and every time I think about them I start to panic lmao. I started studying for them sinceeeee but I still feel quite unprepared. I think that's a general feeling for most when it comes to exams so I'm not really letting it bother me. I've spent the whole of today doing C2 maths. How has your day been?

         In my opinion, House of Deola is the BEST design label in Nigeria . Like you can't even compare. Her work is just amazing. Don't get me wrong, there are many other talented designers in Nigeria but she is 'numba wan'. WHer new collection Komole Kandids, is split into two; series 1 and series 2. I didn't share Series 1 because it's mostly bridal stuff but still gorgeous. Series 2 is really nice.It's not the designs that make the clothes stand out. It's the attention to detail, the structure, the quality. You can see that a lot of care went into making these clothes.  Apparently, the clothes are quite on the pricey side . And I heard it's because House of Deola makes the fabric/motif/whatever it's called by themselves. I actually read about it but I can't remember .Something to do with 3D printing? Not sure.  Anyways, here is the collection. What do you think?

Have a lovely weekend guys. xx
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