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. 3.06.2019 .
Hey guys, how are you? I'm currently sitting in bed, typing this a week before it's supposed to go up. It's election day in Nigeria and I've been following events on Twitter, a lot of things have been really wild and I jus wish I could fast-forward to when the winner is announced even though I already have a hunch about who it'll be as do most people.
Anyways, I mentioned in my previous post that I was planning on writing a post on journaling and here I am, keeping my word. I've always been a worrier and an overthinker but it always only lasted for short periods, we're talking about hours or maybe a day at most. But towards the end of last year, I started worrying about a lot of different things and one week turned to two and then to three and before I knew it, I had deeply rooted anxiety almost constantly. It was so stressful and mentally draining guys, like damn. And the worst part is that, it was completely internal. You couldn't tell from the outside.

. 2.22.2019 .
Hello people,
It's been a while, hasn't it? So much for consistency am I right? I did mention in my previous post that my laptop stopped working and that's *partly* the reason for my silence on here. I couldn't keep up with blogging on my phone, it's so stressful. But in the spirit of trying to be consistent and not slipping into old habits, here's me typing this out with a borrowed laptop.
 As it's been a couple of weeks, I thought it would be great to do a mini-catchup on the different parts of my life.

. 2.01.2019 .
Greetings people,

It’s been just over two (or is it three?) weeks since I last showed my face here. My laptop decided to stop working. Initially, I thought it was the charger and promptly ordered a new one. Imagine my surprise when it arrived and the laptop still wouldn’t come on. Welp, can’t even be mad. I’ve had it for ages and it’s certainly done its job. It’s just tough as I hadn’t planned on replacing it until the start of med school which isn’t till the Fall. Laptops are pricey guys.

Currently typing this on the Notes app on my phone, decided to simply make do with what I have for now. Oh by the way, happy new month!  That was definitely the fastest January ever.
PS: This book is totally unrelated to this post. I just really love this picture and can’t believe I took it.

. 1.16.2019 .
Greetings everyone,

How are you and how is your January going?  I happen to be having a very productive day and I'm really happy about it. Typing this post and going to the gym are the last things on my to-do list for today. I nearly backed out of putting this up today, let's pray I don't back out of going to the gym haha. I absolutely love reviewing books and today I'll be talking about What It Means....(the title is way too long to type again, okay?). Without further ado, let's get into it! 

. 1.09.2019 .
Damn, it's really been a minute since I put up a skincare post. To be fair though, I didn't do a lot of posting in 2018 so that's probably the reason.
When I say my skin has been acting up lately, I'm not even joking. Just this afternoon, my mum asked me why I had a huge ass pimple on my cheek. Now don't get me wrong, I don't have perfect skin, not even close. I struggle with hyperpigmentation, clogged pores and texture issues but not acne. I've been fortunate in that area, I rarely ever break out. Which is why it's so bizarre that I've been breaking out fairly frequently as of late. It's nothing over the top but it's still weird and I don't like it at all. I think it's something to do with my diet as my skincare routine hasn't changed recently but we'll see. Hopefully, I can figure out what's causing it pretty soon.

. 1.04.2019 .
First of all guys, what do you think of the new blog theme? Like it or it's totally not your style? I planned on changing themes at the end of 2017 but it just never happened. As 2018, rolled to an end, I knew that I had to change it. I'd had my old theme since 2015 and was certainly due for a change. 

So, I know my very last post before my unplanned break is a 'Love From The Internet' one and so this seems quite repetitive. But, towards the end of the year and at the beginning of a new year, the internet is full of articles and blog posts that are chock full of solid advice for navigating a new year. You guys know that I love a good article and so I just HAD to share. My blog is the one place that I feel like I can go on and on about the things that are important to me without being annoying. 

I'll be sharing just three links; one is something to do that could help your mental health and foster gratitude, one is something to do that could improve you and one is full of life advice. Hope you find them as interesting as I found them. xx

. 1.01.2019 .
Hey beautiful people, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

I know we say this every year but I cannot believe 2018 is over, just like that?  2018 was quite an interesting year for me. It wasn't a phenomenal year per se but it was a lot better than 2017 and for that, I am so grateful. I am also grateful that not only am I alive to see the new year, but my loved ones are also here. That, to me is the most important thing. Every other thing is secondary.

Every year,  I like to give myself a word/saying and this year, my saying of choice is 'create more and consume less.' I decided on this saying after hearing Saida from Pick Up Limes (a wonderful YouTube channel & blog on slow living, nutrition and minimalism) use it as a mantra in one of her videos.

. 10.29.2018 .
As much as I like to talk about how draining the internet can be sometimes, there's no doubt that it's pretty awesome too. There's always something to watch/read/listen to that makes you laugh, cry, inspires you, you name it. When I find something I really like, I tend to share on Twitter but I feel it'll be much more beneficial to curate my latest loves in a blog post. I for one like reading blog posts like this so I thought it would be fun to do one of my own. Enjoy! xx

PS: Click on the header to take you to each post :)

. 10.22.2018 .
If there's one thing I missed during my blog break, it's definitely book reviews.  When I read a good book, I HAVE to gush about it. What better way to gush than on my blog, eh?
A few years ago, I read The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton and I loved it. It had a plot twist within a plot twist and you guys know how much I love my plot twists! So, when I read online that the author Jessie Burton was releasing a new book, The Muse,  I was so excited.  One day this summer, I randomly followed my aunt to the library at the hospital where she works and lo and behold, a brand new copy of the book was there. It felt like it was just waiting for me, you can bet I borrowed it immediately and devoured it just as quickly. If you would like to know what I thought of it then plis dear, keep reading.

. 10.09.2018 .
I know, self-care. That term that has been used oh so constantly in the blogging world and just life in general. Before you roll your eyes and close the page why don't you give it a read huh?
I might have been absent on the blog this summer but I was definitely present on social media, Twitter in particular. It's very easy to get triggered/annoyed on Twitter sometimes and after a while, I decided I had to do something to stop myself from getting worked up. Some of the points I'm going to talk about might seem quite obvious but we could all do with a little reminder from time to time, right?