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As much as I like to talk about how draining the internet can be sometimes, there's no doubt that it's pretty awesome too. There's always something to watch/read/listen to that makes you laugh, cry, inspires you, you name it. When I find something I really like, I tend to share on Twitter but I feel it'll be much more beneficial to curate my latest loves in a blog post. I for one like reading blog posts like this so I thought it would be fun to do one of my own. Enjoy! xx

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The Muse: A Book Review

If there's one thing I missed during my blog break, it's definitely book reviews.  When I read a good book, I HAVE to gush about it. What better way to gush than on my blog, eh?
A few years ago, I read The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton and I loved it. It had a plot twist within a plot twist and you guys know how much I love my plot twists! So, when I read online that the author Jessie Burton was releasing a new book, The Muse,  I was so excited.  One day this summer, I randomly followed my aunt to the library at the hospital where she works and lo and behold, a brand new copy of the book was there. It felt like it was just waiting for me, you can bet I borrowed it immediately and devoured it just as quickly. If you would like to know what I thought of it then plis dear, keep reading.



How I Practice Digital Self-Care

I know, self-care. That term that has been used oh so constantly in the blogging world and just life in general. Before you roll your eyes and close the page why don't you give it a read huh?
I might have been absent on the blog this summer but I was definitely present on social media, Twitter in particular. It's very easy to get triggered/annoyed on Twitter sometimes and after a while, I decided I had to do something to stop myself from getting worked up. Some of the points I'm going to talk about might seem quite obvious but we could all do with a little reminder from time to time, right?


The Door's Open Again

Well hello there,
Demilade here and I'm letting you all know that the door's open again. If you're wondering what the hell that means, I'm simply telling you that I'm resuming blogging. Yay! I've decided to re-open the door to my thoughts and views.

I haven't put up anything new since May, I didn't think I would be gone that long to be quite honest. But, I really enjoyed this time away and I didn't miss blogging for quite a long time to be quite frank. There were times (like when I read The Muse, review coming soon by the way) that I itched to share certain things on here but for the most part, I was pretty glad to be on a break. Can I also just say a huge thank you to all the people who left me loving comments and even reached out to me on social media to ask after me. You guys make me feel so loved!


Taking A Little Break

Hey people,
So, lately, I've been feeling pretty 'meh' concerning this space. I'm not very inspired and I really dislike the idea of churning out posts when I'm not really feeling it. This has nothing to do with not having ideas but more of an unsettling feeling in my heart. Do I want to keep blogging? Absolutely. But what do I want my blog to be about? I'm not so sure anymore. I guess I'm quite bored with how the blog is now and I would love to take it in a new direction. I honestly don't know what that direction is and this might just end up being a dry spell and I bounce back but I'm going to be taking a break until I figure out how I feel. 

If I'm being totally honest, it also has to do with the fact that I'm sick of the same-old-same-old feel of blogs (mine included) nowadays. I read a lot of great blogs but in general, everything just feels the same and I feel so bored, save for a few exceptions of course. And also, all this talk of blogs dying out plays a part. I don't necessarily think blogs are dying out but the general interest in them has definitely waned which I can understand. It's still a shame though.

 Maybe my interests have just changed, I don't know. But I'll be off this space until I can figure out just what I want to do. I'll definitely still be around, reading my favourite blogs. I just won't be posting on mineThank you for all your support guys, you can follow me on Instagram @Demmiie if you want to keep in touch. Love and light xx


An April Summary

Happy new month guys! Just like that, it's May. Is it just me or did April go by pretty quickly? So far in the year, I feel like April went by the quickest. Anyways, I have another summary post for y'all so let's get into it! 
Taken at Archie's.
Funny Story
Well, this is more amusing than outright funny but I thought to share anyways. So, sometimes when I'm bored, I like to go online window shopping. Meaning I like to look at clothes that I know I can't afford and add them to my shopping cart for fun. Why do I do this? I have no idea but it's something I really enjoy. 


Thoughts On Current Cancelling Culture?

Hey people, how's your weekend going? I want to quickly touch on something that has been on my mind lately.

If you're a social media user, then you're probably aware of what people mean when they say someone is 'cancelled.' It means everything that concerns said person is irrelevant and nobody rates them or their career anymore. Lately, old tweets (circa 2012 or even older) of much-loved celebs have surfaced and in these tweets, the celeb is usually spewing something hateful or offensive.Sometimes it's racist or colourist, homophobic, sexist or just plain offensive. Of course, people get annoyed and call out these celebs. Then someone says they're cancelled and automatically there's a sort of divide. Camp A believes that since the tweets were so long ago, it shouldn't matter because people 'say stupid shit and people grow.' Camp B believes that it doesn't matter and they should be cancelled/disgraced/lose their jobs and what not.

Since a lot of these offensive tweets are usually directed at black people and a lot of times, dark-skinned women, I want to preface the rest of this post by stating that going through a phase of being racist or colourist (discrimination based on skin tone within a race) is not okay and it's not an excuse. It shouldn't be a rite of passage. There's no justification.

Now, here's what I think. I don't really belong to any of the camps I mentioned above. I certainly don't agree that just because it was years ago, we should ignore it. I don't agree with that at all.

But at the same time, I don't feel you should just 'cancel' people especially if it's clear that that's not who they are anymore. We've definitely all said stupid things or laughed at inappropriate things in the past. I would never say some of the things I've said in the past because now I know better. People can change. We're supposed to get better the older we get.

I've also noticed that when it comes to cancelling people, favouritism plays a part and I'm guilty of doing that too. I remember last year, some people called for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (who I obviously stan) to be cancelled because they didn't like something she said about trans women. Now, even before reading what she said, I had already concluded in my mind that I was cancelling nobody. I ended up agreeing with what she said anyways but you get my point. When it comes to cancelling, I feel like we sometimes give some celebrities a pass and we don't do the same for others.

In conclusion, I believe that we can't just ignore offensive things people have said in the past. But because we've all said offensive things, we can't just cancel people instantly. If it's quite obvious that this person isn't like this anymore, then why cancel the person? But if it's someone that is clearly still problematic * I don't want to mention names*, then please, by all means, cancel them lol.

I do understand that you can't always know if a person has really changed because nowadays people tend to hide who they really are. I don't know man, what do you think?


Bloggers Totally On Their Game Right Now

I fell in love with blogs way before I became a blogger. I was 12 and it was so exciting to find this really cool online community. I've always loved reading blogs and over the years my tastes have definitely evolved. There was a time when I was all about reading how to dress like Zendaya's character on Disney's Shake It Up, those days are long gone haha. Nowadays, I pick my blogs based on how the person writes. I love pretty pictures and to-die-for outfits but I always want more than that. I like to know what other people are thinking. I like beautiful, authentic writing.

I feel like the word 'authentic' has become so overused in the blogging community (guilty as charged) but I digress. So yeah, authentic writing is what I'm all about and here are some bloggers who are totally killing it right now for me. This list was pretty difficult to come up with because I read a lot of awesome blogs and I can't possibly mention them all!


The Tenets I'm Trying To Live By

If you're familiar with my Blogger Spotlight posts, I like to ask my guests what principles they live by. I don't know, it's something that I find interesting. That being said, I've never really shared what principles I see as very important. Well, not as a cohesive post anyways. As you can see, these are the principles I'm trying to live by, trying being the key word here. I'm not perfect and I certainly don't want to come off like I am.

I've always been quite a sensitive person (I still am) and I think this is where my desire to be kind stemmed from. When I was younger, I was crushed anytime anyone was cruel to me and so I guess it was a no-brainer that I decided that I didn't want to be cruel. Even the Bible says that you should do unto others what you want them to do to you.


Be Like Beyonce

I'm pretty certain that at this point, we've all watched or heard about Beyonce's Coachella performance. If you've only watched snippets of it online, you might not really get all the hype. But I promise you, it really is worth all the hype and even deserves more. I was going to link a video of her full performance but it has disappeared, unfortunately. Before I get into what I really want to say, can I just gush a little bit? Okay, thank you.
I love watching Beyonce perform and before her Coachella show, my favourite was her 2014 VMA's one where she performed a medley of her Beyonce album in 15 minutes. However, this Coachella one takes the cake hands down. Guys, I was not prepared for how amazing it was. I watched it with my friend Daniella and we couldn't stop screaming, I'm pretty sure her flatmate got fed up at some point lol. *sorry* Everything was perfect. Her costumes, the transition from one track to another, the dancers, her singing (not one note was off key for TWO HOURS), everything! It's so amazing how the songs on all her albums fit each other and I loved the way she segued from one song to the next. She sampled Nina Simone and had Malcolm X quotes. She sampled Fela, I kind of lost my shit when I heard the instrumentals, it was so perfect. She sampled a number of artists but I'm not really familiar with their music so I did not notice it.
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