Three Life Lessons I Learned in 2017

It's that time of the year where bloggers churn out seasonal and end-of-year content so I understand if you're rolling your eyes at my very typical post title.Nevertheless, you should read it. You just might take something out of it 😊

2017 was definitely not my best year. Like I just want it to go away you know? And yes, the start of a new year isn't going to make all my problems vanish magically but there's just something about a fresh start that's so appealing.

The year didn't go like I wanted it to or like I planned but that's okay. That's life for you, right? 2017 was a year of learning, unlearning and growing for me. And for that, I'm really grateful. I have way more than three lessons but this post is going to be long as hell if I do that lol. So let's dive into it, shall we?


Four (More) Podcasts To Listen To

I discovered just how awesome podcasts are this year alongside a lot of other people. They make doing things like your commute to school or work, house chores, etc so much more enjoyable. And there's pretty much a podcast for everyone out there. I tend to listen to a mixed list of them; some just for entertainment, some for news, some for knowledge and some for a mix of all three.

I already have a post on four podcasts you should give a shot, now here are four more! 


December Goals

Happy new month guys!
We're actually in the last month of the year, wow. I say this pretty much at the start of every month but time really flies. It's kind of scary you know? Time really waits for no one. 
When December comes around it's very tempting to laze around and not want to do much. Sometimes, I have this mentality that I'll just wait for January to come so I can start afresh. I'm trying to challenge myself this month and not slip into 'lazy mode.' There's still time to achieve some things, no need to wait until January. Having said that, here are some of my goals for the month:


Disappointing Beauty Products of 2017 (+ A Brief Word On The Libya Crisis)

Before I go into today's post, I just want to talk about what's been happening in Libya briefly. Anyone who's seen the news in the past week or so has probably learned about the slave auctions happening in Libya. Black Africans are being sold as slaves for a few hundred dollars. If you didn't know about it, you can learn more by doing a Google search. I'm so glad that the outrage is worldwide and something really has to be done. Slavery in 2017 is completely appalling. I read this post on Bustle about how to help stop this and I decided to share it. If we all come together, this can be stopped. Thank you.

Now onto today's post. I was looking through my blog recently, just evaluating really and I came to the realization that most of my blog posts fall under the 'Life' and 'Books' categories. I barely have anything in the 'Wellness and Beauty' category and I do not know why. Well, I'm going to change that one post at a time, starting with this one.
The end of the year is fast approaching and this is the time when 'content creators' do all sort of lists and recaps of the year. I'll be doing one of those today about some products that I felt were disappointing. Doesn't mean these products are bad, I just feel like they didn't live up to my expectations you know?



Life Update: Where Did I Go?!

Hello beautiful people, it's been a quick minute since I've been on here. More like just over a month haha, very happy to be back though. This blogging break started as an intentional one then spiralled into an unintentional one when I had to travel and then at a point my internet connection wasn't so great and to top it all off, my laptop charger stopped working.So many things huh?  What have I been up to since my last post you're asking? Well let's jump right into it, shall we?

I'm currently in the US of A (as I like to call it) on a visit. The perks of having so much free time haha. In the short while that I've been here, I've drunk more soda than all the other months of the year put together, experienced an American Thanksgiving for the first time and also experienced a black man being racially abused. The last incident had me pretty riled up and reminded me of my rant.


Oil On Water : A Book Review

Yesterday I saw a tweet talking about how you're not a blogger if you've never started a post apologizing for being inconsistent. That made me chuckle and now here I am, finding myself doing the same thing. I do apologize guys, my posting this month has been a bit sporadic. Life just keeps happening and I've been a bit under the weather this past week.

I was at my local library searching for new books to borrow, my eyes and neck were hurting as I had been bending my neck for quite a while to look at the books on the shelf. Does that happen to anyone else? That's when I spotted the name; Helon Habila. Two years ago, I read my first book by this author; Measuring Time and it was such a surprising read. I thought it wouldn't be that interesting and my friend Moni who I borrowed it from thought the same thing. Turns out we were wrong and I ended up liking the book. Which is why I was really glad when I came across Oil On Water at the library.


Connecting The Dots Backwards

Hey guys,
Today's post is quite short. I had this yearning in my heart to share this with you all, I hope it helps someone out there. I apologize if everything isn't coherent, sometimes it's difficult to write what I feel haha. Enjoy. xx

Recently, I was talking to my friend Chiamaka and we were reminiscing about our high school days. We laughed at ourselves, about how naïve we were and moaned about how life was so simple back then compared to now. It got me thinking of all my friends.  We had so many plans you know? Our entire lives were mapped out completely. We knew what we wanted to study, the grades we were going to get, what schools we would go to, where we would go on holiday and so many more things.



Where To Eat in Manchester - Affordable

I apologize for being MIA for the past week or so, it was due to some unexpected events in my life. So, I've been living in Manchester for a little over two years now and in that time I've explored the city and discovered numerous places alone and also with my friends. I really like Manchester as it's very diverse in all aspects. From the people to the fashion, it's a very diverse place and you never feel alone. 

I decided to do a two-part guide to Manchester based on my experiences. Everything is affordable as I'm a student and it's not like I have a lot of money to be throwing around haha. I hope this guide is useful to anyone interested in visiting Manchester, the second part will be on places to visit and what not. 

To Eat
Ah, food. Obviously, we all love to eat and try different restaurants especially when we're visiting a new place. Well, I do. Manchester has a lot of variety when it comes to food and you can pretty much find most cuisines easily. I cannot possibly mention every single place that I've ever tried but I will list some places that I highly recommend.
Fun Fact: We got this meal for FREE thanks to Maram's magic abilities.

Bella Italia. IMO, the spaghetti didn't have enough seasoning but I guess that's
just the Nigerian in me haha. The pizza was so good, I was pleasantly surprised
as it didn't look  really appetizing when the waiter brought it.


What You Know 'Bout Me?

  Happy new month guys! If you don't know the song I'm referring to in the title of this post can we really be friends? I kid, I kid guys. It's a line from Lil Mama's song Lip Gloss. The song came out ten years ago and it's definitely a part of my childhood. Speaking of things that came out ten years ago, I only just started watching Gossip Girl this week! Why did it take me so long? I have no idea! But I am so glad that I've realized the error of my ways.

These pictures were taken by my darling friend Daniella when she came to stay with me a few weeks ago. They were taken at the Manchester Art Gallery. If you're ever in Manchester I totally recommend the place. The art pieces there are stunning, it's free entry and it's never crowded. Very nice for aesthetically pleasing pictures too. 

Anyways, here are a couple of things you should probably know about me. xx


What Are You Giving?

Event Brite is currently running a campaign about giving more and charity.I think this is something that is very important so I was delighted to be a part of it and let me assure you, this is not sponsored in anyway. Kiran also talks about it on her blog, if you would like to read. I thoroughly enjoyed her post. 

There are a lot of people out there who are suffering. People who are ill, hungry, living in war torn areas, living in refugee camps,  dealing with abuse of different forms, people being trafficked, so many things. I could go on and on but you get my point. It's really sad , there's a lot of suffering in the world. My question to everyone reading this and also to myself is 'what are you giving?' Don't get me wrong, I know we cannot help every single person out there but we can all do a little bit. I know I should be doing more to give back and I'm sure some of you reading this also feel the same way. 

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